Witney Community Primary School
Year 5 start off year looking at the World.
We started off our first short week with a few ice breaker activities, one of which was getting to know the world. They had a set of World Cup Maps and country names that they then had to locate on a world map which itself had all the countries laid out at the bottom in alphabetical order (which we had been learning about earlier). Each country had a grid reference on the map so that they could locate the country more easily. They then had to mark these countries on their own smaller map with grid references to help them, just the "shape" of the country. Identifying the shape of countries on a map is, believe it or not, a year 5 National Curriculum target ! Finally they had a "scrambled country name" activity to complete.
All three activities are shown in the video clips below.
Video One - Video Two - Video Three
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