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What Goes into Writing a Recount ( "Now what did we do on our school trip !?" )
To help children write well, their heads need to be full of ideas and thoughts. To facilitate this we did a carousel of activities based around sharing words and phrases that came to mind for each of the activities that we participated in at Warwick. By doing this children were able to benefit from the ideas of others in getting as complete as picture as possible of the day.
The first two videos show the children going round in turn to a sheet about each activity and writing down their thoughts.
In the last video, they then go around the carousel again, but this time with their own personal map of activities in chronological order, onto which they can write the best of the ideas they see on each sheet. This personal sheet then becomes the basis for constructing their own recount.
Their Reading and Thinking homework followed up with them reading two really good recounts written by Year 6 children about their school trip. They include all the main features of a recount that our children will be learning about and expected to include in their own recount.
Video One - Video Two - Video Three
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