Witney Community Primary School
Improving Drawing Skills by drafting and constructive Criticism. A GROWTH MINDSET
We watched a video which you can find here www.youtube.com
It is an example of a Year 2 child in the USA improving their drawing skills, through a series of improving drafts. Each draft received constructive criticism from his peers and an adult. The first video below explains to you briefly how we took this idea and applied it to our topic and English focus. The second video shows you how our children started to use drafting and improving.
When they have produced a final draft including the detailing on the clothing, they will then use water colour and a fine brush to finish their work on an A3 enlarged copy of their work to make painting easier. I will post anonymous examples of first draft, final draft and the finished painted work for you to look at when they are completed in a couple of weeks time.
Video One - Video Two
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