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Learning to Spell with Read Write Inc
RWI is a scheme we use to help to teach the children to spell. In year 5 we complement it with Vocabulary Spelling City assignments. One of the games we play in RWI sessions is called Four in a Row, which is what they are doing in these videos. Each child tests the others in their team on their spelling of words in this week's word group. If a child has made a mistake they correct their own spelling in red ink. They love this activity. This week we are looking at the suffix "able" on the end of various words. We also linked this exercise with the word of the day "pronunciation". The a in the suffix able does not sound like "a" but instead sounds like a flat "e" sound. i.e. We do not pronounce the a in comfortable ( say it to yourself out loud and you will hear that it sounds like a flat "e")
We also looked at words like reliable, and returnable and realised that we also do not sound the "E" in re for these words, but we pronounce it with an "i" sound. However, in words like retake, and redo, we do pronounce the e as an "E" sound!? Spelling is hard and rather weird, and we can only get better at spelling through practice, play and discussion and reflection.
Video One - Video Two - Video Three
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