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From Lindisfarne to Kells to RESPECT
It has been anti-bullying week at our school, and the theme has been RESPECT. I thought we would link our medieval topic to respect by studying "Illuminated" lettering in the Lindisfarne Gospels and Book of Kells. We learnt about how holy books were made and written and then we produced our own lettering in teams of three to spell out the words Be Respectful. As an extension to this exercise I asked the children in their teams to come up with five words beginning with their letter that they thought were linked to the theme of Respect. The children coloured in four different mediums and worked collaboratively together. They used dictionaries and thesauruses to find or check the meaning and spelling of words they wanted to use. We presented our work in the Anti-Bullying Assembly.
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Witney Community Primary SchoolWitney Community Primary School
Witney Community Primary School
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