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The "Bear Necessities" of Writing in Year 5
I have a growing tendency to take "real life" opportunities as they occur to impart real purpose to the children's writing. We were lucky enough to get around 125 bears donated to Year 5 for a Bear Tombola at the Christmas Fayre. So I decided to let the children name all the bears and then choose two of them to write personality profiles for. These would accompany each bear to their new owners at the Tombola. The children really rose to this fun challenge with some fantastic profiles, written using some possessive and omissive apostrophes ( which has been a recent grammatical theme ), and varying their sentence openers. They really used their imaginations to create a huge variety of characters, as you can read in the photos below. The videos show a little of the process of turning a Learning Objective into ideas and then a piece of written work for the general public to read.
Enjoy the videos and pictures below
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