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Last term we read a book called WIld Magic written by Cat Weatherill. It is an imaginative sequel to the story of The Pied Piper ( which we have studied in depth as a story and a poem in both Years 2 and 5 ) The children really enjoyed Cat's sequel and we decided to write to her to tell her what we thought of her book and to ask her some personal questions, as well as questions about Wild Magic. We wrote book reviews and then we wrote individual letters to the author. I have posted all of them off to Cat who is on her way back from a two month Story Telling and Performing Tour of India. She has promised to send the class a reply answering some of their questions. Below is a picture of the book cover, the author and examples of the children's writing.
Cat Weatherill Book reviews:
One     Two     Three
Letters to Cat Weatherill:
One     Two     Three     Four     Five     Six     Seven
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