Witney Community Primary School
Football - v Batt School
Written by Grace, Amy, Megan F and Megan R
Players: Grace, Megan F, Megan R, Alana, Matilda, Addi, Amy and Lauren.
On Wednesday the 5th of February the girls football team played against The Batt School and won 10-1. By half time we were 6 nil up and the other team were able to add another player - this is a new rule.
Two of The Batts players handballed so we got a freekick and a penalty, Grace scored the penalty and Megan F scored the free kick from the halfway line. In goal we had Grace and Lauren who saved all the shots except one.
Over-all Megan F scored 5 cracking goals, Matilda scored 2, Grace scored 2 and Alana scored 1.
On Thursday next week we play Aston at home, hopefully we can get another good result.
A big thank you to Mrs Hermon and Mrs Sapwell for taking us to the match and cheering us on.
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