Witney Community Primary School
Growth Mindset
There is a school-wide effort taking place to help our children to develop a "positive, growth mindset". This is a long term goal, and involves getting our children to develop an increasingly strong belief in their own ability to get better at things across all aspects of their life. We are also trying to build your child's mental resilience, in order to cope with and overcome setbacks when these inevitably occur.

One of the things your child will learn is the idea that the mind, as well as the body, gets fitter and stronger the more we use it and the better we look after it. To focus the children’s thinking on the brain and the different ways our brain works we have introduced them to several cartoon characters. You can see these in the attached

What can we do as parents to encourage a growth mindset?
Growth Mindset at Witney Community Primary School.
Promoting a Positive Mindset in your child.

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