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Friends of WCPS
Who are the Friends of WCPS?
Every family with a pupil at Witney Community Primary School is automatically a Friend. Some Friends have more formal roles on the committee, some like to volunteer at our events and others will lend their support in many other ways, like baking cakes, running stalls and thinking up fundraisers!

Who is on the committee?
Our current committee members academic year 2018/19:
CHAIR: Debbie Wells (Y1 and Preschool parent)
VICE CHAIR: Amy Hermon (Y2 & Yr 4 parent) & Jo Keeble (Yr 4 & Y1 parent)
SECRETARY: Vacant - Please contact us if you are interested in taking up this position
TREASURER: Cheryl Woodward (Y2 & Y6 parent)
Sam Goodchild-Fry, Kathy Bols, Aimee Stevens, Holly Latimer, Kelly Harding, Angie Eustice, Sarah Locke, Debbie Jacks, Sally Barnett Paintin, Kevin Paintin

Spring Fling Disco
March 2019
Witney Community Primary School
Books and Bangers
November 2018
Witney Community Primary School
Halloween Disco
October 2018
Witney Community Primary School
Valentines Disco
February 2018
Witney Community Primary School
80th Anniversary
Summer Fete
Witney Community Primary School
Summer Sizzle 2017
Witney Community Primary School
Books and Banger
story evening 2017
Witney Community Primary School
Halloween Disco
November 2017
Witney Community Primary School
Fundraising Tea Towel
Autumn term 2017
Witney Community Primary School

What We Do
The Friends of WCPS provide additional funding for the school and organise social events to bring people together.
Our annual events include themed Discos, an Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Fayre and our Summer Fete. We also support school run events, like the annual Books and Bangers evening by serving refreshments, and organise the sale of pupil designed Christmas cards and Tea towels to raise funds.
We also fund ad-hoc requests from the school for specific items. For example, in Autumn 2017 we provided an oven for Reception to facilitate easy and plentiful access to baking.
In addition we have long-term fundraising goals for bigger projects within the school.

What have the Friends funded in recent years?
  • Additional reading books for the school
  • Stage lighting for the school Hall
  • Reception class outdoor climbing equipment.
  • Christmas tree, Christmas crackers and chocolates for the school Christmas meal
  • Funds for a Christmas party for each class
  • Goal posts
  • Subsidise performances within the school from outside groups
  • Subsidise school trips
  • Year 6 Leavers gifts (a choice of sweatshirt or memory book)

How can you get involved with the Friends of WCPS?
We welcome everyone to be involved. Please join us on our Facebook group (a closed group). On here we’ll publicise our meetings, details of our events and ask for helpers to volunteer and join us.
We also advertise our meetings and events on the school newsletter/ParentMail and on posters around the school.
We welcome anyone to join us at our AGM or at any of our meetings during the year. You don’t need to sign up to anything or make any commitments but we’d love to meet you, hear your ideas and welcome you to the Friends of WCPS. We cannot run our events without you!

How can you contact Friends of WCPS?
Catch one of us in the playground at drop-off or pick-up!
Friends of WCPS Facebook group or Email: friendsofWCPS@gmail.com

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