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Last updated 2nd July 2019

Kevin Miller
I've written in the guest book before, but that was a few years ago. I attended the school in the early 1960s and visited when I was in the US Air Force in the 1980s. I was invited to come back and visit anytime. My fiance and I will be visiting the UK (we're in the US) around August of 2020 and would love to come by and visit.

Oliver Guy
I am an alumnus of Witney County Primary, under the headship of Miss Henderson and deputy Mr Jenkins, leaving the school in 1989. The early years of schooling form the foundations for later success and Witney County Primary prepared me for Abingdon School and then Bristol University.

I have fond memories of cycling to school with my friends from New Yatt Road. We were lucky enough to have a school swimming pool and we learnt judo in the canteen. I remember the large playing fields with a pond at the bottom, the concrete playground where we played football with a tennis ball and the school gym with ropes that I never managed to climb!

I was taught by Mrs Studwell and then Miss Wynder in the junior department. Among many memories, one that sticks in the mind was a favourite adage of Miss Wynders: "Engage brain before opening mouth"!
Witney Community Primary SchoolWitney Community Primary School

I was invited along to help out at Roves Farm Nativity day for reception and year 1. The children's behaviour was fantastic and everyone had a lovely time. Thank you for inviting me. You should all be proud of yourselves for being such good ambassadors for your school.

I would like to pass on my thanks to the pupils and teachers for all of the activities that have taken place throughout December; Lighting of the Christmas Tree, Nativity plays for several year groups, Christmas Lunch and class Christmas Parties. It is really nice as a parent to know that time for the extra curricular and fun activities continues to be found.

Year 1 Parent
I would like to say a huge well done to the reception class and year one for their fantastic nativity play. Congratulations to you all for delivering your lines and the songs so well. Your audience loved you and you were having a lovely time! Thank you to all involved who helped to create this production.

Mrs Taylor
Thank you to the Friends of the School for the lovely Rec/KS1 Halloween disco. The children all had a wonderful time and so did the adults!

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